Baseball Lessons Pro - Batting, Fielding, Pitching
Baseball Video Preparation for College Recruitment. $180
Two full hours of video preparation all to be edited to 5 minutes.  Multiple angles of video specifically formatted to enhance a recruiters knowledge of the athlete's skill. On the field action shots with the necessary angles and coaching knowlegde of what college coaches want to see.
College Consulting and Preparation $250
Baseball Video preparation video package
Athletic Biography and contact information development 
College database distribution of all information
Showcase Information consulting
Video Consulting $80/30 mins of video sent 
Available to consult any videos posted on youtube or sent to my office.
Professional coaching and consulting on stance, hands placement, swing paths, pitching mechanics, fielding techniques etc.
Cage Development (available upon request)
Consulting and installation of foundation, turf, cage frames, nets, accessories by professional contractors available to me. 
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